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Complimenti, cosplay divino! Anche io sto piano piano mettendo insieme i pezzi per un cosplay di Hiccup. Tra l'altro ho trovato un sacco di cosplayers italiani a tema httyd! Non credevo! Sono piacevolmente sorpreso. Spero verrai a Lucca, per quei giorni ho preparato Stoick (se non sono chiamato a lavoro) e sarò accompagnato da una romana Astrid che ho trovato per caso su Tumblr. Foto d'obbligo!


DICI DAVVERO?! SARAI STOICK?!?! ODDIO DEVO ASSOLUTAMENTE INCONTRARTI! :D Ti prego togli l’anon o contattami in qualche modo, devo assolutamente avere una foto con papà :D ♥ E comunque sì, sì, sarò a Lucca! ^_^ Grazie infinite per i tuoi complimenti :))


Good morning, Milady! ♥


My How to Train your Dragon encounters! :D
As you can see, I found an adorable Lady Toothless, Milady with her Stormfly, Mom and that son of an Eret! I’m sorry about the quality of the photos, but I can only have the facebook version of them! I hope I can get more and more! :)
(The first and the last are from Saturday, while the other two are from Sunday. For the secon day, I didn’t wear the wig, and I was with the full Flying suit. It’s hard to see here, but I had the wings :) both the laterals and the one on the back)


SPN | Random Gifs that Shows that SPN Fans Does with a Hiatus. Part Three. Click for Part One Two

(Or Part 3 of SPN gifs in which I sometimes question our insanity).


I saw a post about Astrid, saying how fantastic is the way he talks with Hiccup: the way she bowed her head to find his eyes when he looked down to avoid the gaze of others. It ‘s beautiful, because she igets to his level, without stretching over it, as others have done over time, making him feel even smaller and weaker. It’s the act of someone who takes care of him, is a sign of affection and importance, especially by a person as proud as Astrid. She does not put Hiccup at a lower level, even when he himself is doing it, and in that case she is chasing him, stooping to retrieve him, and is extremely important as a sign of a relationship.

And now, look at Valka. I thinks that this scene is where she takes her role as mother, and not only as dragon expert, for Hiccup. She decides to go and talk to him in the most difficult moment of all, and of course you can expect she to do it, is his mother, but she JUST MET him, and now she has to try and talk to him when his father is just gone. It’s hard, it’s difficult, but she goes… And not only she avoids saying something obvious, like a sentence of consolation or a “I’m sorry”, but she gives him a real support, new strength, a reason to go on and be proud of himself, because the great man who has fallen, it was. Here, with her gesture, she does not look for Hiccup’s eyes, overcomed by grief… She grabs his face in her hands, and makes him look forward: and here, in this moment, Valka becomes an extremely strong and important mother figure. Here, with this speech and this gesture, she teaches Hiccup something extremely important, and far more relevant than a hug, a consolation, or a shared cry.
Go ahead proud, because we are proud of you.
Do not hide away, because you can deal with anything.
Be strong, because we know you are.
And I just LOVE this.


Anna, calm the hell down.
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Anna, calm the hell down.

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hahaha wtf


hahaha wtf

Get To Know Me: [1/25] Female Characters - Hermione Granger (Harry Potter)

Books! And cleverness! There are more important things — friendship and bravery.”





a little girl in the grocery store just asked me if i was a princess because my dress was pretty and i said everyone’s a princess and she pointed to her dad and asked if he was a princess too and her dad said yep its true im a princess and she looked so happy idk it was adorable






Snotlout’s face after seeing Ruffnut go after Eret
Aww he’s so in love with her

His face is breaking my heart

Poor baby

There is always hope


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